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GAPS2017: Global Arts and Psychology Seminar

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Semi-virtual conference: April 28-29, 2017. Boston, Buenos Aires, Graz, Sheffield, Sydney.

GAPS is about the arts and the people who create and appreciate them, from a psychological perspective. "The arts" include auditory arts (music, sound design), visual arts (painting, architecture), literature, drama, opera, digital arts, and so on. We will focus on music.

GAPS will present current research by students at hubs in Boston (UTC/GMT-4 hours), Buenos Aires (-3), Sheffield (+1), Graz (+2), and Sydney (+10). At the same time we will develop and test a new conference format that has the potential to revolutionize academic conferences. In July 2018, the new format will be scaled up for the international music psychology conference ICMPC15/ESCOM10.

Here you can find details and the link to the call for papers.

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