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The organizing committee consists of: 

Sydney hub (University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia): Emery Schubert (hub organizer), Kim Burwell and Riza Veloso (hub co-organizers), Diana Zhang (hospitality), Anthony Chmiel (technology), Keely Soulsby, Sarah Wang, Wei Ting, Holly Champion (assistants).

Montréal hub (Concordia University, Montreal, Canada): Christine Beckett and Eldad Tsabary (hub organizers), Andrea Young (hospitality), Evan Montpelier (technology), Angelique Wilkie (hub co-organizer), Mark Corwin (department chair).

La Plata hub (National University of La Plata, Argentina): Isabel Cecilia Martínez (hub organizer), Alejandro Pereira Ghiena and Joaquín Pérez (hub co-organizers), Favio Shifres (consultant), María Marchiano (secretary and student support), Sebastián Tobías Castro (technology), Juan Pissinis and Mariano Guzmán (technical assistants), Matias Tanco (communication), Demián Alimenti Bel (rooms and refreshments), Camila Beltramone (program), Mónica Valles (social program), Sofía Uzal (language assistant).

Graz hub (University of Graz, Austria): Richard Parncutt (conference chair), Sabrina Sattmann (conference co-organizer), Annemarie Seither-Preisler (consultant), Nils Meyer-Kahlen, Katharina Pollack and Daniel Reisinger (technology), Theresa Schallmoser (hospitality), Andrea Schiavio (session chairs), Sabrina Turker (posters), Sandra Tanzmeister (secretariat), Magdalena Ramsey (catering), Hannes Karlbauer (musical timekeeping).

ESCOM council member: Renee Timmers (University of Sheffield, UK)

Conference format evaluation committee: John Sloboda (chair), Kelsey Onderdijk and Jakob Mayer (Graz), Matias Tanco (La Plata), Diana Zhang and Marco Susino (Sydney), Dana Dugan (Montreal).

ESCOM Early Career Researcher Award committee: Jane Ginsborg, Richard Parncutt, Jaan Ross, Renee Timmers

We thank the ICMPC Advisory Committee and Executive Committee and the ESCOM Executive Council for their continuing support.

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Hubs and local information

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