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We congratulate the winners of the ESCOM Early Career Researcher Award, based on proceedings:
1. Lindsey Reymore, Ohio State University, USA (Graz hub)
2. Nayana Di Guiseppe Germano, UNESP, San Paulo Brazil  (Graz hub)
3. Yong Jeon (YJ) Cheong, Ohio State University, USA (Montreal hub)

We also congratulate the following SEMPRE award recipients. The Society for Education, Music, and Psychology Research in Great Britain is generously contributing toward the expenses of the following 78 active student participants:

Tanushree Agrawal
Emma Allingham
Firat Altun
Anderson Alves
Anjni Amin
Manuel Anglada-Tort
David Baker
Margarida Baltazar
Jotthi Bansal
Aimee Battcock
Maria Benitez
Mary Black
Blanka Bogunovic
Leonardo Bonetti
Erica Burdzy
Andrew Chang
Alvaro Chang
Yong Jeon Cheong
Susanna Cohen
Anja-Xiaoxing Cui
Caroline Curwen
Connor Davis
Nicholas Domene
Helena Dukic
Maria Fasano
Willian Fernandes de Souza
Ioanna Filippidi
Heather Fletcher
Sarah Gates
Ben Gold
David Hammerschmidt
Peter Harrison
Emese Hruska
Melanie Irrgang
Alexandrea Jonker
Diana Kayser
Hannah Keller
Thomas Lennie
Yeoeun Lim
Juan Loaiza
Stephanie MacArthur
Chloe Stacey MacGregor
Kodai Makino
Liam Maloney
Solena Mednicoff
Elizabeth Monzingo
Emma Moore
Matthew Moreno
Pedro Neto
Madoka Okemoto
Guilherme Oliveira
Katherine O'Neill
Kendra Oudyk
Landon Peck
Van Penick
Nicola Pennill
Gwenaelle Philibert-Lignieres
Keith Phillips
Graziana Pressice
Nellinne Ranaweera
Milap Rane
Jenna Rimstad
Katherine Sanfilippo
Eva Schurig
Riya Sidhu
Stine Derdau Sorensen
Joanna Spyra
Sharmila Sreetharan
Alexandros Stamatiadis
Konrad Swierczek
Bohdan Syroyid
Liila Taruffi
Michelle Ulor
Ulrika Varankaite
Olivia Xin Wen
Mauro Windholz
Shoya Yamaguchi
Danny Zhou


Students are invited to apply for the ESCOM Early Career Researcher Award, of which between one and four will be awarded (no more than one per hub). The award will be based entirely on the quality of proceedings contributions. If you are writing a proceedings contribution and wish to be considered, please let us know at icmpc(at)uni-graz.at by 31 May 2018. If you have not already sent us a scan of your student ID, please do so.

Students and unwaged participants whose abstracts have been accepted for a talk or poster will be invited to apply for SEMPRE Conference Awards. These awards contribute to the cost of travel to the nearest hub. Preference may be given to those who choose surface transport although flying may have been easier. Further information is here. To apply, please complete the application form and send a proof of your student status to icmpc(at)uni-graz.at by 15 March 2018.

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