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File labels

Please label all submitted files with surname of first author followed by contribution ID number like this: Gupta31.pdf, Perrault1022.mp4, Smith771.pptx. To find out your contribution ID(s), check the first email(s) you received from icmpc at

Revised abstracts

To ensure your place on the conference program, upload your revised abstract (in pdf format) in ConfTool by 10 June 2018, using this template.

Concerning ConfTool, we ask you to do the following by 10 June:

• Log in here:

• Click on your submissions. Then click on final upload.

• In the large text field in the middle, replace your original abstract by your revised abstract, taking into account reviewers comments, and staying within the 500-word limit (including subheadings). The format of this text is “text only”. Please note that revision of your abstract is a condition for inclusion in the program.

• Upload the same abstract as pdf (created using the Word template on this page) in the  corresponding field.

• If in addition you would like to contribute to the conference proceedings, upload your pdf in the  corresponding field (created similarly).

• If you are giving a poster, you may add a one-minute video in the corresponding field.


Symposium organisers are asked in addition to submit an abstract for their symposium. This text is different and separate from the abstracts for the individual talks (including the organiser's talk abstract). Please use the revised abstract template, where you will find further information, and submit the abstract by email to by 10 June.

Proceedings contributions

If your talk/poster submission has been accepted, as a long talk, short talk, or poster, you are invited to submit a longer paper to the conference proceedings. Contribution is voluntary. Please first download the guidelines and read them carefully. After completing your text, upload it to ConfTool. Deadline: 10 June 2018.


Printed posters in DIN-A0 format (portrait orientation) will be displayed at each hub in regular poster sessions. We have prepared a guideline but it is not necessary to follow it. Just make sure everything is legible when the poster is printed in A4 format and there are no legal problems if the poster appears against your will in the internet (if there are, authors will be responsible).

Every poster can also be presented in any number (preferably all) of the following ways:

  • Electronic poster (pdf, DIN-A4) in the password-protected conference system, for electronic discussion. You will upload this yourself and there is no deadline.
  • Introductory video ("poster video"). The guideline is here and the submission deadline is 10 June 2018.
  • Live speed presentation (one minute). For this, bring a short ppt file to the conference.


Software: Please use Powerpoint and store your files as pptx. If you would like to use a different software or format, please let us know in advance. To ensure that your YouTube stream has space next to the ppt slides for your talking head, avoid wide-screen (16:9) format: click on Design and then Slide size, and select Standard (4:3). Please also have a pdf version of your talk ready in case there is a problem with ppt. If you are playing sound files or videos during your talk, please embed them in the ppt and save the original files in the same folder as a backup. As an additional backup, we will ask you to upload your ppt a few days before the conference begins.

Hardware: All AV materials for presenting talks must be stored on USB sticks. It will not be possible to plug a laptop into our system. This is due to the added complexity of live streaming, switching between one-way presentation and two-way discussion mode, mixing sound and images and so on, and the cost of technical support. Speakers who wish to run special software during their talk are asked instead to prepare video examples and incorporate them into a ppt file or similar. Please bring two data sticks with all materials stored on both. 

Timing: Presenters of long talks should plan to speak for 15 minutes; short talks, 10 minutes. If everything goes well and there is no delay, speakers in long talks will get an extra 4 minutes; short talks, an extra 2 minutes. During these extra minutes, you can show extra slides; please be ready to leave them out if there is a delay. With no delays, the time plan for long talks (30-minute slot) will be: intro 1 min, talk 19 min, questions 7 min, room change 3 min. For short talks (20-minute slot): intro 1 min, talk 12 min, questions 4 min, room change 3 min. Chairs will not usually introduce speakers, but the extra minute at the start may be necessary for other reasons. Please note that the program will not be delayed for any reason. If a program event is delayed, the next program event will still start on time.

Speakers are also asked to bring their two USB sticks (original and backup) to the room in which their talk will happen at the start of the previous break. An assistant will copy your talk to the local computer and check that it runs.

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