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Important legal notice

All registered conference participants will be asked to sign the following statement when they register:

1. By paying for and attending the conference, all participants are entering a contractual obligation with the University of Graz or the university that is hosting their hub. To fulfill their side of the contract, the four involved universities will process and save personal data. These include name, address, email address, bank account data, IDs, uploaded abstracts, posters and videos.

2. Video recording and live streaming are an essential part of this global, semi-virtual conference. Therefore, all speakers whose presentations are live streamed in the conference program agree in advance that their talks can be filmed and their video recordings can be made available to all conference participants. All speakers are free to put their own talks in the internet after the conference. Should their talk appear in the internet against their will, the conference organizers cannot be held responsible.

3. All registered participants will have access to all live streams and all recorded videos during the conference in a closed electronic system, and agree that these materials are confidential and may only be shared with other registered conference participants. Links may be forwarded or published only with written permission of the first author and all speakers.

4. The conference organisers cannot guarantee that all participants will respect point 3. Therefore, all spoken and written presentations during the conference must be presented as if they were public. Authors and presenters are responsible for respecting local and international laws in areas including copyright, privacy, and defamation.

5. Speakers and poster presenters should only use original recordings and diagrams/images that they create themselves. Images can also be taken from a webpage of non-copyright images such as pixabay. Similar webpages exist for non-copyright music. Copyright materials may only be used with written permission from copyright holders. Please clearly and carefully acknowledge sources in the usual APA style. The text of an acknowledgment during a talk must be big enough to read in the YouTube recording (e.g., 20 point).

6. We advise all speakers not to include commercially available sound examples in their talks. Please be aware that in exceptional circumstances, YouTube can manually or automatically close down a channel (e.g. our entire conference channel). For details of YouTube policy, see their pages on support, troubleshooting, and copyright strike or takedown.

7. All photographs and videos taken during the conference by the conference organisers at any conference session including breaks and poster sessions may appear on the internet (Facebook, YouTube, conference homepage). This includes any documentary film made about the conference.

8. All conference participants are personally responsible for ensuring that the above guidelines are followed within their sphere of influence. The conference or hub organisers cannot be held responsible for infringements of the above agreements by conference participants.

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