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The local Graz program is here. Changes since going to press will appear here. Please search for your name in both documents in case there have been last-minute changes.


The conference venue is Block C, Resowi, Uni Graz. This large modern building runs along the northern edge of the main university campus. The street entrance is from Geidorfgürtel, corner of Johann-Fux-Gasse. 

Important times and dates

The following are local times in Graz.


12:00 noon until 6:00 pm: Registration at conference venue.
6.30 pm: Reception at Graz Town Hall (Rathaus), main square (Hauptplatz 1, 8010 Graz)


9:00 am: Opening (Block C, Resowi, Uni Graz) at conference venue. To avoid delays, please arrive at 8:30 am.


1:30 pm: Depart from conference venue for afternoon excursions.


Evening 7pm: Banquet, Aula, 1st floor, main building (Hauptgebäude), Uni Graz.

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