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The new semi-virtual conference format will be evaluated in four different ways. We encourage all conference participants to take part in at least one of these evaluations.

Interviews. During the conference, participants may be approached by two colleagues, one holding a video camera, and invited to talk about any issue related to the new semi-virtual conference format. From the videos collected at all hubs, we plan to produce a documentary film after the conference. This project is organized by John Sloboda, who is attending the Graz hub.

Survey. Please visit this address goo.gl/forms/5hJ35l8fzLZ4Uf2y1 on Thursday or Friday (UTC) and answer seven short questions. It will take no more than ten minutes. On Saturday morning in Graz we will carry out a preliminary analysis and present a quick summary at the closing session on Saturday afternoon. A more detailed analysis will be presented later.

Discussion. Evaluation sessions are scheduled for Friday and Saturday. The meetings in Graz and Sydney will be local only, whereas La Plata and Montreal will share the meeting using Zoom. A chair will introduce each session, after which the audience will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the semi-virtual conference format or other possible formats. A student assistant will take minutes and the chair will report briefly to the closing session.

Carbon footprint calculation. The effective carbon footprint (greenhouse gas emissions) of the conference will be estimated by documenting the travel arrangments of the participants and comparing with comparable previous conferences, both overall and per participant. This project is in collaboration with the Wegener Centre for Climate and Global Change in Graz.

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